Erin Farley - Managing Attorney

Erin Farley brings over 16 years of legal experience to the firm. She is well-respected in the community for her work, and was voted in 2013 and 2015 as the Best Attorney in Petaluma by the Argus-Courier's People's Choice Awards. 

​Ms. Farley's work focuses on dissolutions, child support, child custody, spousal support, post-judgment support, comprehensive property division, and prenuptial agreements. Ms. Farley brings experience, insight, and compassion to what is likely the most emotionally difficult of court proceedings.  

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You are not alone

Our practice is based in a profound respect for our clients. The dissolution of a marriage is an emotionally charged and traumatic time. It is during this turmoil that clients are expected to make the most difficult decisions about their finances, their future, and the future of their children. We have a commitment to assuring that each client is treated with compassion, and that each client is fully advised of their rights, their options, and the impact that their choices will have for their future.

We are committed to honesty, integrity, and fairness. We work zealously to protect you, your children, and your emerging family.

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