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What is Family Law? Family law deals with family-related issues and domestic relations. Our family law practice focus on representing clients in a divorce and the issues related to divorce such as the division of marital property, child custody and support, and spousal support. We draft prenuptial and agreements and litigate related matters. Our family lawyers represent victims or perpetrators of domestic violence in civil protection order proceedings. All aspects of child custody including timeshare, support, child abuse and neglect are also an integral part of our practice.

Why Hire a Family Law Attorney?  Issues involving your family are the most personal, emotional and overwhelming issues faced in the courts of law. Law often requires an impartial analysis; something that is almost impossible to achieve when faced with such impassioned issues. An attorney is a helpful and experienced sounding board for your concerns. Our firm is well aware of the financial and emotional cost of litigation - especially on your children; as such, our goal will be to settle your dispute outside of the court to save you money and to save your children from a life of parental conflict.

How Will an Attorney Assist Me? Family lawyers have expertise in a number of practice areas. Moreover, family lawyers have a wide range of legal skills: they draft and negotiate contracts, pleadings, and other legal documents; they litigate contested matters; they counsel clients on their legal rights and options; and they attempt to resolve disputes. A good family law attorney will also have exceptional interpersonal skills and be adept in managing emotionally volatile situations. Our firm offers all of these skills; along with that, our unique awareness of your children's experience during this process (and beyond) sets the Law Firm of Erin Farley apart from firms primarily focused on billable hours.

Not every situation is the same, especially when it comes to personalities and their ability to process and work through a difficult emotional issue. The Law Office of Erin Farley offers many forms of legal assistance: from full-service representation in litigation, assistance in settlement negotiations, ghost-writing and document preparation to collaborative mediation.  We are here to serve in whatever capacity best suits you and your family.


People's choice award winner 2013 and 2015


Michael - Fellow Attorney
5 stars

Erin is an excellent family law attorney who sincerely cares about the emotional needs of her clients and their families. She has the ability to discern what result is truly in the best interest of her clients and then devise the best and most cost effective strategy to achieve that objective without polarizing the issues or alienating the other party in the proceeding.
April 2, 2015 

Rose - Former Client

5 stars

I would absolutely 100% recommend Erin Farley to a friend, and have already done so twice! LOL! 

I was first referred to Erin by a friend in 2013 when my ex and I decided to separate. I was obviously anxious and upset at the time (not to mention a little untrustworthy of anyone in the legal profession...), but I knew I needed to speak to someone about what a divorce would actually mean for me and my family. 

Erin really helped me understand and come to terms with my divorce, and helped prepare me for everything that would follow (divvying up assets, custody battle, etc.) 

I eventually hired Erin to represent me during divorce proceedings in 2014, and could not be more happy with that decision. I was really angry at my ex at the time and at first thought of hiring a 'shark' lawyer to get what was mine, but through mediation with Erin I was actually able to come to an agreement with my ex and settle our divorce out of the court room. 

Not only did the settlement swing in my favor, but I do believe that attempting to avoid conflict during the divorce was what was best for my children. I also thing that our divorce mediations helped my ex and I become better co-parents today because it helped us put our family first instead of ourselves. We will, after all, be in each other's lives forever through our children, and I want to thank the Law Office of Erin Farley for understanding that and respecting it.


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